Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

Everything stated in this privacy statement refers to the confidentiality of the collected personal data necessary for the registration of users on the Wondeck website or collected during the registration of users – recipients of promotional notifications and news about products that Wondeck sends to the list of such registered users as well as during complaints of purchased products. Wondeck collects only the necessary – basic information necessary for the business: name and surname, address, telephone number and optional delivery address, if different from the registered address, as well as the optional name and phone number of another contact person who can pick up the ordered products. All user information is available only to Wondeck employees who need this information to perform their job. By registering on the Wondeck Online Store, the user gives consent to Wondeck to use and process data on his orders. The user can at any time withdraw consent to the processing of data, including the possibility of deciding whether or not they want their name removed from the lists used for promotional notifications via e-mail (Newsletters) wondeck. Wondeck adheres to the applicable regulations in order to protect the privacy of its users, which includes in particular the Regulation on the protection of personal data in the EU – GDPR. In case of any questions and concerns about privacy, any user can send an inquiry to

The right to be forgotten

The user can request the permanent deletion of his – thus collected personal data. You can send the request to and the responsible person in charge of personal data security will permanently make the data unavailable.

Sharing user personal data

Wondeck shares the user's personal data with delivery services – if the delivery is not carried out by its own vehicles, service centers in the process of complaints of purchased products and with the extended basic warranty on purchased products with the company issuing the extended warranty.

Cookie policy

In order for Wondeck's pages to fully function, they must save a small amount of information – Cookies or Cookies (further cookies) on the user's computer. Wondeck requires user consent before storing cookies. Cookies can be divided into functional ones – set by Wondecka and without them pages cannot fully function, analytical / statistical – they are set by the world of media for the purpose of optimizing the operation of the site, and can also be used for marketing purposes; marketing – cookies set by a third party, there are several services that save limited cookies for the user – examples are Google Analytics and AdWords, Facebook, Instagram. Managing and deleting these cookies is possible in the settings of the web browser; multipurpose – set by the world of media and a third party, and are used for an online communicator on the web itself.


Wondeck handles personal data seriously and implements reasonable measures to protect the security of personal data. The transmission of data over the Internet is not 100% secure and Wondeck cannot claim that a third party, when transmitted, cannot obtain personal data. If this happens, Wondeck is not responsible for third-party actions. When registering in the Wondeck Internet Store, the user is obliged to create a password that he must keep only for himself and not share it with other people. The user is responsible for all actions and orders created under his user account. If a user knows or suspects that someone knows his password, he should contact Wondeck as soon as possible to issue instructions for changing his password. If Wondeck suspects that there is a security breach, it can change the user's password or deactivate his user account without notice and prior notice.