Frequently Asked Questions

WonDeck is the perfect lining for your boat, created to withstand all weather conditions. It is made of UV-resistant PE/EVA foam material, which is waterproof and provides exceptional adhesion to a dry or wet surface. Modern brushed texture absorbs shocks, relieves vibration and noise, which will especially be appreciated by anglers. WonDeck can be customized to all customer's wishes (countless options of appearance and shape of lines).
There are 5 different colors available in 13 combinations:
  1. teak color with black, gold and white lines;
  2. light gray color with black, white, turquoise, blue and dark blue lines;
  3. dark gray color with black and orange lines;
  4. anthracite color with black and light gray lines;
  5. black color with red lines.
For personalized WonDeck contact us: there is a possibility that we already have your boat model in our database, and otherwise we will do the measurement with a state-of-the-art 3D scanner. Also, you can make the templates yourself, following the instructions for creating them.
The largest piece that can be ordered is 120x240 cm.
Feel free to contact us via our email and we will send you a sample of the material.
On WonDeck we can apply any logo, vector, graphics or something else according to the client's wishes.
WonDeck comes with a 3M self-adhesive label and is easy to apply, and the glue is activated by more powerful pressure on the substrate. Just peel the protective film of the glue and glue the board. Make sure that the area is glued clean.
WonDeck can be applied to a flat or slightly curved surface, and is applied directly to the anti-slip surface of your boat and moves to a smooth part of 1 cm to achieve an ideal grip to the surface.
Unlike other products, WonDeck heats up less thanks to its closed-cell structure. Darker colors are of course more susceptible to warming but never to the extent that it would be uncomfortable for a person who stands barefoot on the lining.
WonDeck can be stacked piece by piece, but our recommendation is to leave a gap of 1.5 cm between parts because, like any material, WonDeck shrinks and expands depending on temperature.
Removing WonDeck is simple: a plastic scraper is needed, with the help of which one of the corners of the material is raised, after which it is pulled from the substrate with its hands. It is recommended that at least 2 people work to remove the material. If the material is very clingy to the substrate, we recommend pour acetone, after which the scraper is used again. Once the material is removed, adhesives will remain on the base, which need to be soaked in a glue solvent and left for up to 10 minutes and cleaned with a coarser cloth. Finally, clean the substrate with acetone and the surface will be perfectly clean.
The WonDeck application is operated at a temperature higher than 15°C, in moisture-free conditions.
The surface needs to be thoroughly washed and degreased before applying WonDeck lining (preferably with acetone or alcohol and a clean cloth). If it is a completely new ship, then it is necessary to clean the surface several times.
WonDeck is easy to clean with washing shampoo, warm water and a brush. If these are stubborn stains, it is best to clean with acetone, which must be immediately rinsed with water.
WonDeck will withstand 5-7 years in the most difficult conditions (sun, sea, humidity, etc.), of course with proper preparation of the substrate and application.
The warranty on Wondeck is 1 year with installation done by an authorized installer.
Sharp knife and ruler (Please be careful when using a knife)