Durable and maintenance-free

WonDeck is weatherproof. It does not change the quality at high or low temperatures, it has a solid structure. WonDeck is easy to clean with water or our cleaning agent.

Nice and pleasant to the touch

WonDeck gives the boat a superb and classic look, provides a pleasant feeling to your legs, does not lose its original color and it is weatherproof.

Easy installation without drilling

All WonDeck products are equipped with 3M ™ glue for easy application. WonDeck is easily installed without drilling tools, which eliminates the possibility of perforating the deck during installation.

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What is WonDeck?

It couldn't be simpler!

WonDeck is the perfect decking for your boat, created to withstand all weather conditions. It is made of UV-resistant PE/EVA foam material, which is waterproof and provides exceptional adhesion to a dry or wet surface.

Modern brushed texture absorbs shocks, relieves vibration and noise, which will especially be appreciated by anglers.

WonDeck can be customized to all customer's wishes (countless options of design).

Why WonDeck?

There are many reasons, the decision is simple!

WonDeck is durable, resistant to stains, water and UV radiation, softens shocks, is comfortable and lightweight, and we make it tailor-made for your boat. 

WonDeck lining is made of PE/EVA foam with 5 mm closed cells. The surface of the material has a pleasant brushed texture, and thanks to the 3M™ glue, WonDeck is immediately ready for assembly.

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WonDeck is a polymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate (EVA).

It has certain properties of low density polyethylene, but increased shine, softness and flexibility. It is used as a substrate in equipment for various sports. It is flexible, durable and easy to maintain. Lifespan on ships is 5 to 7 years.


WonDeck is originally a Croatian brand.

The plant is located in Croatia. Strict compliance with quality standards and the use of proven technology sets our product as one of market leaders.


WonDeck is the best value for money..

Acceptable price, fast delivery, various options, possible personalization,  WonDeck the ideal product for your boat.


WonDeck can be personalized in a variety of ways

Make your boat unique: WonDeck design is fully customizable, versatile and modular.

WonDeck options for your boat

WonDeck is the most cost-effective and convenient solution, wondeck trim price of 320 Euros (2,411.04 kn) / m2

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W-Deck are ready-made WonDeck floor coverings with 3M glue ready for installation, and come in a standard dimension of 240×120 cm.

Transparent WonDeck film for creating the template is bundled with a board. The lines are horizontal, with a longer edge of the material (240 cm).

Simple scalpel tailoring or the possibility of precise tailoring on a CNC machine (according to your cutting line template).

If you want, you can send us the drawn cutting lines, and we will cut the desired WDeck floor coveringexactly according to your wdeck floor covering template.

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For personalized WonDeck contact us directly. Thanks to our rich database, there is a possibility that we already have a model with the dimensions of your ship in the archives. Otherwise, we measure the ship with a precise 3D scanner.

Also, you can make the templates yourself. We will provide you with the original WonDeck foil for the templates you create following clear step-by-step instructions presented in the detailed video film. After creating the templates, you send them to us so that we can digitize them. You can choose the shape of the line from our offer (see gallery). One logo is in the price, position as desired.

If you don't have the time, knowledge or will, leave it all to us. Wherever your ship is, our technicians will come to the location and measure the ship with a 3D scanner.

Order your WonDeck now and join our satisfied customers!

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Easy to cut

WonDeck is easy to tailor and fits perfectly onto your boat

Perfect for solo projects

Wondeck is easy to apply


Wondeck is a comfortable solution for your boat

Impact mitigator

Wondeck relieves shocks and protects your ship

Stain resistant

WonDeck is resistant to stains, water and UV radiation

Durable and lightweight

WonDeck is made of extremely durable and lightweight material

Pleasant texture

WonDeck has a brushed texture surface for maximum comfort


WonDeck is a polymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate extremely flexible

Best value for money

WonDeck is the ideal solution thanks to its affordable price and high quality

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